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Join the ESR Affiliate Program and make money by helping direct traffic to ESR’s points of sale – whether you’re an influencer, media personality, blogger, or just a tech fan.

Through our Affiliate Program, you’ll earn a commission for every sale made through your platform (including banner ads, blog posts, comments, TikTok videos, Instagram posts, etc.).

Why you’ll love our program

  • Signing up is quick and free!
  • Commission rate starts at 15%
  • Your commission will be sent to you on a monthly basis.
  • 30-day cookie window, for a much higher chance of earning a commission.
  • Low effort with high return.
  • Access to ESR’s library of high-quality brand & product images (updated monthly).
  • Thousands of products to recommend for any kind of audience.


How it works

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If you prefer to work through ShareASale, you can also find us there! Click here to learn more.


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