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We have several affiliate programs: ESR Official Affiliate and Partner Affiliate Platforms. Choose one and be a part of the team now

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Third-Party Affiliate Programs

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ESR Official Affiliate Program

Our official affiliate program is under developing now, so stay tuned.

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How to Calculate Commission?

Commission Fees
By joining one of our affiliate programs, you will receive 12.5% commission on qualified purchases in accordance with the Commission Agreement.

A "Qualifying Purchase" occurs when a customer purchases an ESR product via the exclusive link we generated for you. All ESR products are eligible whether they are purchased individually or with other ESR products. For example, if a customer bought $100 worth of ESR products through the exclusive link we generated for you on the ESR website, you will receive $12.50 in commission. If a customer purchases $500 worth of ESR products, you will receive $62.5 in commission.

The purchase history of the exclusive link we generated for you will be emailed to you monthly for your records.